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Marry Me A Little
“Ms. Molina, who played Johanna to perfection in the 2005 Broadway
revival of “Sweeney Todd,” is something else again, a quirky, angular
beauty with a sharp-edged sense of humor whose limbs look as though
they’re made of taffy. I last saw her on stage four months ago in the
San Diego premiere of “Nobody Loves You” and delighted in her comic
energy. She’s just as funny in “Marry Me a Little,” but what you’ll
remember here is the intense wistfulness with which she puts across
Mr. Sondheim’s famously ambivalent ballads (“Keep a tender distance /
So we’ll both be free / That’s the way it ought to be”). Not only does
she nail the title song, but I’ve never heard a more affecting
performance of “There Won’t Be Trumpets.” Might Ms. Molina be poised
for musical-comedy stardom? It certainly looks that way.” Wall Street

“…a petite firecracker with comic brilliance and a soaring voice.”
Chicago Sun Times, Hedy Weiss

“…a feisty and comically agile Lauren Molina…wows with her
high-flying coloratura soprano in the showstopping number ‘Glitter and
be Gay’.” Daily Herald Scott C. Morgan

“…golden-voiced…” Variety, Steven Oxman

“Molina nails Cunégonde’s legendary aria ‘Glitter and Be Gay.’ ” Time
Out Chicago, Kris Vire

“Despite all the talent that spills across the stage, Molina (also a
Helen Hayes Award-winner) rises above the rest. To be a great comic
actor is one thing; to be blessed with an ability to hit those big,
operatic notes is another. But it doesn’t seem fair when the two fit
in one lovely, waifish body. She brings the house down in an act-one
moment of long, rolling notes that’s both comic and awe-inspiring.
Molina astonishes from start to finish.” – Alexander Stevens, Wicked
Local Dover

“‘Glitter and Be Gay’ is a comic masterpiece, yet Molina also leaves
the goofiness behind to bring off poor Cunegonde’s ruin with the
nuanced assurance of a tragedian; this is a performance for the
history books.” Thomas Garvey, The Hub Review

“Molina is just wonderful…She brings comic zest to Cunegonde’s aura
of self-delight and heart-rending poignancy to her downfall.” – Don
Aucoin, Boston Globe

“Molina brings operatic panache and funny flirty timing to Cunegonde,
her number “Glitter and Be Gay” one of the standouts of the evening, a
miraculous collision of shame and self-admiration that makes for
razor-sharp, black comedy.” – Bill Marx, The Art Fuse

“Cunegonde may be the ultimate musical theater soubrette and Lauren
Molina flawlessly sings this most difficult of roles. She is also
hilarious, turning self obsession into comic gold. Assisted by
Zimmerman’s droll staging, her rendition of “Glitter and Be Gay” is
genius – about as funny a ten-minutes as you’ll spend in the theater
this year. – EDGE Boston, Robert Nesti

Sweeney Todd
“All-Consuming Honesty and Range” – New Yorker
“Perfect as Johanna” – Wall Street Journal

Rock of Ages
“Mr. Taylor, in rosy-cheeked Pee Wee makeup and goofball German
accent, shares a preposterously funny duet with Lauren Molina, as an
earth-girl activist, on Ms. Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” NY

“…[Taylor's] second-act number with Lauren Molina, irreverently
funny as a hippie protester, nearly stops the show.” Theatremania

Rocky Horror Show
“Broadway’s Lauren Molina runs with the role of Janet and makes her
almost poignant, not to mention she has amazing pipes on songs like
“Over At the Frankenstein Place” and “Touch-a, Touch Me.” -The Morning

Nobody Loves You
Keep an eye out for Lauren Molina, who plays a drunken, sex-crazed
contestant on “Nobody Loves You,” – Wall Street Journal
“Spot on” – New York Times, Charles Isherwood.
“Lauren Molina is a scene-stealer as Megan…great comic
chops…irresistible…”-U-T San Diego

The Skivvies
“The Skivvies have managed to carve out a niche that we never knew
needed to exist: It’s part Weird Al-parody and part sexy
burlesque…an unusual explosion of satire and sultry.”
- Out Magazine

“…while indeed young and precocious, both performers are equally
smart, with a sophisticated and genuine appreciation of all music
genres that allows them to pull something off so rather ingenious…”
- Wall Street Journal

Meet Me In St. Louis: A Live Radio Play
“…show-stealing performance by petite dynamo Lauren Molina…”
-Philadelphia Inquirer

“Lauren Molina alone is worth the price of admission. In the radio play, she portrays Tootie, the youngest of the Smith family sisters, and their Irish maid, Katie (among others). Tootie has the lisp to end all lisps and is a spunky troublemaker. But she’s the kind of kid you can’t help but to like and forgive quickly (and you will forget she’s being played by a grown woman). And Katie gives some wise and humorous advice about men to Tootie’s older sisters – it’s all about “a touch of the Irish.” There are laughs throughout the show, but Molina extracts most, if not all, of the belly and burst-out-loud ones. She is hilarious. Molina starred in last year’s holiday production, “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play” as well. If BCP’s gift to audiences is that Molina stars in the holiday production each year, that’s one I wouldn’t even think of complaining about or returning.”
-New Hope Free Press