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Beatles Complete on Ukelele

I Got The Music In Me

Growing up in Detroit with a bass playing father in the Detroit Symphony and a ballet dancing mother, I was constantly immersed in the arts. From Motown to Mozart, my musical tastes always were diverse. I began taking piano at 4yrs, cello at 8yrs, voice lessons at 12yrs and taught myself guitar at 14. I was in love with theatre and performed in all the school musicals, playing Maria in the Sound of Music in fifth grade. I began writing songs in high school, singing with various bands, and in college I decided I needed to sing to make me happy. I entered the music school at the University of Michigan as a voice major but after the first semester, felt like opera wasn’t the right fit for my lifestyle or tastes. I didn’t want to spend so much time in school studying opera, waiting for my voice to mature. I wanted immediacy of singing in English and connecting to an audience in a way that was raw, contemporary and visceral. I transferred to the musical theatre program and began finding my niche in experimental and post-modern theatre.

My musical life post college has continued to be versatile. From singing and playing on Sondheim’s classically sublime “Sweeney Todd” to belting epic 80s rock in “Rock of Ages” to writing commercial pop tunes on ukulele with the label Mother West to my comedic stripped down pop band The Skivvies’, the diversity of sounds continue to resonate.

Here are a few unreleased tracks, including original demos and covers.